What is Ambulatory EEG?

Epilepsy or Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity. Ambulatory EEG monitoring with or without video enables your doctor to observe your EEG over a prolonged period of time. Ambulatory monitoring can help diagnose your seizure type and provides important information regarding the best treatment for your seizures.

What will happen when I am set up for monitoring?

EEG wires will be attached to your head with a special glue so that the electrodes will stay attached for several days. They are painless and the glue is soft and comfortable

1. Food: Please do not chew gum, since this will interfere with the EEG - it generates a lot of "noise" on the graph which makes it impossible to detect any underlying cerebral activity.

2. Clothing: You should wear comfortable clothing while your ambulatory EEG is being performed. Sweat pants and a loose fitting top with buttons down the front are suggested. Tight fitting sleeves and pull over tops will not be permitted. Do not attempt to pull a shirt or other clothing over your head during the ambulatory EEG. The electrodes may become dislodged and the quality of the recording will be affected